Secure Purchasing

For your peace of mind, please note that there is NO online database of our customers - no names, addresses, telephone numbers or card payment details are kept on our web server, thus your personal information is completely secure.

When you complete the financial part of the transaction, we do not take the money from your card straightaway - it is just Pre-Authorised against your card,
We do this to check it's validity and also to make sure there are sufficient funds available in your account.
Your card account may however show the money has been withdrawn straightaway - this is in fact your card issuer making a reservation against the funds in the account to ensure payment of the expected transaction can be met.
This Pre-Authorisation should disappear from the account after three working days.
If you want to cancel your order within this three day period, you should contact your card issuer.
When we cancel an order on your behalf, our Pre-Authorisation against your card is also cancelled by us.

We only charge the debit to your card just before we despatch the goods to you.
We may charge your card before this (for example for a Custom product order) but ONLY with prior agreement with you.

When you are about to make your payment, you are taken to a fully encrypted website page on the Secure Payment Server belonging to Secure Hosting, which is part of the UPG Gateway.
Their only function is to take and process credit and debit card details to facilitate your purchase and as such are in a group of the most secure websites on the internet.

You can check you are on a secure website before entering your card details by making sure the URL begins with "https://" and also checking for the padlock symbol in your browser.

Please note that at no stage during the purchase, or subsequently, do we have sight of the full card number, apart from the last 4 digits.
Also, NONE of your card details are held by us at any time.