Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seat fabric made from - is it leather?
All Sargent seats are manufactured from a marine-grade vinyl material, whether it is the Smooth, CarbonFX or Special Edition Duratex versions of the fabric.
Leather is not used on Sargent seats, largely due to the effects of weather on leather, particularly here in Europe.

What is the INSERT
This is the portion of the seat the rider actually sits on - usually in CarbonFX fabric.

What are the Panels
Panels are essentially all the surfaces that are not the seat Insert and is usually Smooth fabric.

What is the Piping or Welt
This is the raised beading that separates the seat Insert from the Panels

Are Sargent seats the same height as the OEM seat
Except for the LOW versions of a seat (where applicable) the nominal height of the seat will be about the same as the stock seat. Because of the superior design shape of the seats, you may find the 'shoulder' present under the thighs (on most Sargent seats) does increase the reach to the ground slightly - perhaps up to half an inch on the larger seats

Do Sargent seats fit straight on to the bike
Yes - they fit exactly the same way as the OEM seat.
Sargent seats seats have all the fittings required already mounted to the seat

Will the Sargent seat be adjustable like the OEM seat
Yes - what ever adjustment is present as standard will still be there

Are Sargent Seats more comfortable than the OEM seat
Yes, they are. Most OEM (stock) seats contain a soft foam, which makes the seat feel nice and comfy in the showroom, but is not much good at long-distance support.
For distance comfort, a firm foam is required.

Are Sargent seats a GEL seat
No. After many years of trials and customer testing, we determined that gel polymer products did not perform as well as our own in-house-manufactured Super Cell Atomic Foam product which has a high density of closed cells.
Gel displayed many problems such as heat retention, dimensional instability, and added weight to the end product.
Gel cannot be easily secured to the base foam resulting in joint bonding issues.
After substantial side-by-side comparisons, Super Cell Atomic Foam has prevailed as the hands down favourite for customers from a comfort standpoint as well as functional or use standpoint.
Super Cell Atomic Foam does not suffer from any of the negative characteristics of gel products as mentioned above.

Are Sargent seats waterproof
Yes, they are. There is a waterproof membrane glued directly to the foam of the seat.
This membrane is not perforated by any stitching.
Therefore no water can enter into the seat foam.
The only location that holds water is the stitching itself, which is obviously very little and it cannot enter the seat.

Is colour-matched piping available
It is, with the following caveat - the coloured fabric for the piping may not be an absolute 100% colour-match because matching fabric to paint is very difficult.
We always make the best match possible from the available coloured fabric.
If the colour of the piping fabric cannot be matched, we don't offer the option.

Is there a 'break-in' period
Not really - the seat will give slightly after a few hours, but that's it!
Because the seat will feel so different after the OEM seat, it will feel slightly odd until one becomes accustomed to the different shape and feel.

Is leather available for the seat Insert
It is, but we don't recommend it for the European climate as leather will distort and crack.
N.B. If you choose leather, the leather component of the seat is not covered by warranty.

What is the Return Policy
1. Under the Terms of the Distance Selling Regulations you have FOURTEEN calendar days after receiving the goods to Notify us of your decision to cancel your order.
To cancel you must notify us in writing (letter, email or fax) that you wish to return the seat, and request a Mandatory Returns Authorisation Number (RAN).
Receipt of goods means someone having signed for the goods at the time of delivery, not necessarily when you the customer we have the contract with receives them.
2. The EXCEPTION to the requirement for us to accept a Return is if the goods supplied by us are Special Offers or items Made To The Customer's Own Specifications; this may be referred to by us as a Personalised Order or Customised Order.
3. If you want to return the goods, you MUST notify us either in Writing or by another Durable Medium; this includes Letter, Facsimile or Email. A telephone call is not sufficient.
4. When returning goods, in order to protect their interests the Customer should ensure the goods are insured in transit and proof of posting/sending should be obtained.
The item/s being returned remain the property and therefore responsibility of the Customer until it/ they are signed for in good condition, on delivery to us.
5. Carriage and any insurance costs are to be paid by the Customer.

What is the warranty period
All the products on this site (excluding Special Offer items) come with a 2 year warranty on defects in materials and manufacturing, which covers any fault which can be shown either to be present at the time of manufacture or as a result of poor manufacture or quality of materials.
This warranty does NOT cover accidental damage or wear and tear such as boot scuffs or clothing zipper scratches.
This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser of any Sargent item and is not transferable to any Third Party.

All products received from us should be fully inspected for any damage or faults AT THE TIME OF RECEIPT and any issues reported to us WITHIN 48 HOURS of receipt of the item.
Claims for faults or damage on a new product claimed after this period WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

For Special Offer items, any warranty offered varies and is outlined on each product.