Seat Fabric Information

The INSERT is the portion of the seat the rider actually sits on.

The Panels are essentially all the surfaces that are not the seat Insert

The Piping or Welt is the raised beading that separates the seat Insert from the Panels

All standard seats have CarbonFX fabric for the Seat Insert.

All standard seats have the Panels in black Smooth fabric.

The Smooth fabric actually has a slight faux-leather effect.

The Piping is made using the Smooth fabric.

Please note - the coloured fabric for the piping may not be an absolute 100% colour-match because matching fabric to paint is very difficult.
We always make the best match possible from the available coloured fabric.
If the colour cannot be matched, we don't offer the option.

The Special Edition seats use both Duratex and Gripzone fabrics; they do not use CarbonFX.
Generally, the seat Insert will be Duratex and the front side panels will be Gripzone.
Depending on the model, there may be some Smooth fabric Panels as well.

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