Suzuki V-Strom 650 / 650XT 2017+
Premium Foam Conversion

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Premium Foam Conversion

Sargent Suzuki V-Strom 650 / 650XT 2017+Premium Foam Conversion

Sargent Suzuki V-Strom 650 / 650XT 2017+!!<<br />>!!Premium Foam ConversionSargent Suzuki V-Strom 650 / 650XT 2017+!!<<br />>!!Premium Foam Conversion

Sargent Suzuki V-Strom 650 / 650XT 2017+
Premium Foam Conversion

Ref: PFC-656

Price from: 345.00 (287.50 Excluding VAT at 20%)

Before choosing your Options - please read all the detailed
information in the Blue-Tabbed section below.


SUZUKI V-STROM 650 2017+ Add-On Heat for Front Seat ONLY (includes Sargent Heat Controller) ( 175.00)
SUZUKI V-STROM 650 2017+ Add-On Heat for Rear Seat ONLY (includes Sargent Heat Controller) ( 175.00)
Installation of Foam Conversion onto OEM seat (includes collection of OEM seat & return of refurbished seat) - UK ONLY ( 60.00)

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is NOT a complete seat unit - you have to utilise your existing OEM seat pan which is converted by replacing the original seat foam and seat cover with the Sargent items.
This conversion can be undertaken by us (for the additional charge shown) or you can have the work done by your own upholsterer.
It is not really a DIY job as a professional fine-nosed staple gun and good upholstery skills are required for a proper, high quality job.

Sargent is pleased to offer our Premium Foam Conversion for the 2017+ Suzuki V-Strom 650.
We supply a replacement foam, and the seat cover.

This motorcycle seat upgrade is as comfortable as our standard World Sport seats and features extra-tough materials and extra-tough construction.

With our Special Edition DTX seating area material and special side grip zones, this conversion makes an excellent choice for on- or off-road use.
DTX offers a strong, yet comfortable seating surface with just the right amount of traction, while the special GRIPZONE side panels offer extra gripping power during braking or off-road manoeuvres.
And to top it off, this conversion features beautiful, extra-tough double stitching for a seat built to last with rugged good looks too!
And, it's virtually maintenance-free.

Alternatively, choose the CarbonFX fabric - stylish and a little less grippy.

Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel.
Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities. The seat foam is wider than stock and contoured for enhanced lateral support with a level, wider and slightly cupped foam shape that distributes pressure evenly and eliminates hot spots.
Together with our patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology, you'll be ready to conquer the longest rides with ease.

• Gel-Free! Super Cell Atomic Foam and enhanced shape with significantly increased width and lateral lift, providing far better distribution of pressure over a greater area.

• Moulded Super Cell Foam cushion with Patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology featuring hidden central relief channel plus a special internal visco-layer that absorbs and diminishes high pressure points on the front and rear seating area. With this patented technology, the elements are moulded into the foam just below the surface, resulting in a unified foam cushion - without seams or glue joints - for optimal comfort and performance.

• Deluxe, durable and textured DTX vinyl seating inserts with special GRIPZONE side panels, or CarbonFX.

• Extra-tough Double Stitch construction.

• Choice of colour piping.

• Professional installation available (on self-provided OEM seat base pans)

• Optional - Sargent Advanced Heat with our Advanced Heat Controller and youll be ready for whatever the weather throws your way.

• Superior Heat Technology - our proprietary heat pads are moulded into the foam just below the surface for optimal comfort and protection. This patented technology utilises our exclusive Flex-Film Element and Fine Wire Spiral Wound Glass Core Technology for excellent performance and comfort.

The seat height from the ground is nominally the same as the OEM seat, but due to the extra support beneath the thighs, the Sargent seat may give an apparent increase of reach to the ground of a centimetre or so.

There are two fabric choices for this seat.
The pictures above show the Special Edition fabric.

For the Special Edition version, the upper part of the seat, the Insert, is in the Duratex (DTX) fabric, the front panels between the knees are in Gripzone fabric, while the rest of the side panels are in the usual standard smooth fabric (the same as used for the sides of the CarbonFX seat).
The Duratex fabric is grippier than the CarbonFX - quite a few riders choose this if they don't want to be able slide around on the seat easily.
However, Duratex is not a non-slip fabric, like for example a suede finish.
The Gripzone fabric is grippier than the Duratex and is only suitable for the area gripped by the knees.

Apart from the fabric, the Conversions are identical in shape, ergonomics and comfort.

Click on the image to see detailed Seat Fabric Information  
(opens in a new tab - then scroll down the page to see the images)


Add-On Heat for Sargent seats

The heat is provided by a special unobtrusive fine gauge wire element which does not compromise comfort.
The Add-On heat package of Control and Installation Kit includes a built in relay and in-line fuse for safety, and is installed "switched" so there is no danger of battery drain when the bike is turned off.
Each heated seating area (front or rear) is supplied with its own heat Control.
Each heated zone draws approximately 2 amps (or 24 watts), and dual zone installations will draw approximately 4 amps (or 48 watts) at full power.

Our new "Advanced Comfort Control" offers maximum comfort, delivering a fully variable range of heat from Off to Full Power and anywhere in between.
Unlike competitive products which are just simple on or off bi-metallic thermostats that are affected by ambient temperatures, our Control supplies a full range of consistent heat delivery in all weather conditions.
The Control is completely waterproof and can be conveniently mounted within view using the enclosed Velcro strips.
The adjustable power and brightness settings are displayed in an LED bar graph that shows the exact heat setting, and is visible day or night.

Mounts for the Heat Control are available separately:  HERE
The heated zone draws approximately 2 amps (or 24 watts) at full power.

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