We thought it would be useful for you to know how we are managing this period of uncertainty.

The health of our staff and customers is our number one priority.

None of our staff have the Covid-19 virus and we are all healthy.

In order to minimise any potential transmission of the virus during this period of reduced demand, staffing at these premises is reduced to one person at a time.

It has been established that wiping and spraying hard and cardboard surfaces with santiser/disinfectant is effective at killing the coronavirus.

All surfaces, tools and hands are sanitised regularly.

Couriers are met outside our premises and there is no device-signing taking place.

All boxes entering the premises are sanitised by spraying and wiping.

We open incoming boxes and wash our hands before handling the contents.

All goods entering the premises are also wiped.

All our shipping boxes are stored flat on pallets, so contamination of them is highly unlikely, but nevertheless, we wipe over the boxes once they are assembled, packed and ready for despatch.


We are operating our website, sales and despatch of goods as normal - the only thing to note is it may take a few days longer for ordered in stock items to be despatched because during the Lockdown we are only going in to our workplace one day a week for despatching orders, which is usually Wednesday.

We do have a large amount of seats in stock, but this stock has been reduced as we have not had a shipment from the factory since the beginning of March.

For out of stock, Backordered items, your order will go into the next expected shipment from the USA.

We currently have a shipment leaving the USA on Friday May the 15th and the order deadline for a backordered item to be included in that shipment is 16:00 on May 12th.
Assuming normal transit times from the USA, your backordered item should be despatched to you later on during the week beginning May 25th.

The following shipment from the USA is likely to be either May 29th or June 5th.

In order to make delivery of your order as safe and easy as possible, please supply a mobile phone number as your contact number during The Checkout.
DPD will communicate with you via email and/or SMS message.
You can then specify if you want the package left somewhere safe.

Most parcels are delivered by DPD Local in the UK and DPD in Europe.
The couriers no longer require you to touch any of their equipment - indeed you should not.

It is possible that by the time the box reaches you, it may be less clean than when it left us. A sensible precaution would be to wipe or spray any incoming boxes with sanitiser/disinfectant/antibacterial spray
Once you have the package, do not place it on a table or work surface - on the floor is best.
Open it and then before unpacking and removing your order, wash your hands.
Unpack the item, which you can place on a table.
Remove the box and wash your hands again.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us webpage.

We are very appreciative of your support at this time.