Britain has now left the EU single market.


There has now been a Trade Agreement made between the UK and all EU countries.
This means there should not be any Customs Duty or other Tariffs to be paid by our EU customers.
However, it appears that despite assurances by the British Goverment, the deal does not actually provide Tariff-Free trade between Britain and the EU.

For all orders going to all EU member countries, the price you pay when going through the Checkout on this website will no longer include UK VAT (currently 20%).

When your Sargent order reaches you in your EU country, it should be expected that you will have to pay VAT on the invoice for the purchase, at the prevailing VAT rate in YOUR country.

Additionally, please be aware that you may also have to pay a Customs Duty - this is around 3.8% according to our information. This is not our idea of Tariff-Free trade, but of course there is nothing we can do about this.

For those other countries in Europe, but not in the EU, nothing has changed - we do not charge VAT and you will have to pay Customs Duty and Taxes when your order enters your country.

From January 1st, the prices shown on this website will show the price Including VAT and the price Excluding VAT.
When going through Checkout, the final Shipping and VAT charges will show AFTER you have input the Customer Invoice information and clicked NEXT.

After the initial chaos at UK borders for freight traffic, things have begun to settle down now.
We are now shipping to all European countries (inside and outside the EU).
However we are finding that transit times are extended - so please allow 4-7 days for transit within the EU and 7-10 days outside the EU.

The Customs formalities and VAT payments are usually completed on your behalf by the courier company delivering your order, which they then pass on to you.
Normally, they would notify you of the duties and VAT to be paid and wait for your payment before delivering.
Courier companies may or may not charge a standard fee for doing this work - usually around 5.00 Euro.
This means there is no extra administration work for you to do, other than paying the Duty/VAT bill.

It is extremely important you check your SPAM/JUNK email boxes regularly after we have despatched - the courier company will contact you via email to organise payment of the VAT - if you wait more than a couple of days after they send this email, they will return your package to us!
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